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Enamel leaf earrings

Today I have been in the studio finishing a small batch of enamelled silver jewellery.

These tiny leaves are part of one of my collections of jewellery, a range that includes three different sizes of pendants and stud earrings as well as these beautiful tiny leaf drop earrings. They are very lightweight and easy to wear and I make them in a wide range of colours, shifting the tones I use with the seasons. They are precious little things and are inspired by the wild natural landscape around my studio where often a few leaves hang tenuously to their through the autumn and winter, moving in the wind and rain. I like the idea of translating movement into jewellery so these tremble prettily on their wires while they are being worn.

These will be on their way to Marisa Arna Jewellery in Essex but other colours are available together with matching pendants, contact Lynne is you are interested in purchasing some direct from her.

You could also book a one day course with Lynne and learn how to wet lay enamel and make your own unique piece of enamelled silver jewellery. For more details on courses see Lynne’s website or contact Lynne

2 thoughts on “Enamel leaf earrings

  1. Hi Lynne, these are lovely earrings! Absolutely gorgeous colours.
    I tried my green man using copper shim, cutting out leaves and acorns. It worked well, and I am now going to do version 2 (now I have found the pitfalls!)
    All the best
    Julie Houghton

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