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Cloisonné enamel jewellery

Yesterday I taught an enamelling class at ArtisOn in North Yorkshire. These are the pieces made by my fantastic and talented group, all first time Enamellers!

First they designed their own unique patterns with fine silver wire, attaching them to the silver background piece. Then they wet-laid finely ground vitreous enamels into the cells in thin layers, firing each layer in turn.

Some students used fine brushes and others used plastic tool picks to apply the enamels.

Here are all the pieces made in the day

It was difficult to show all the work together – so here are individual sets of work

Joan made her’s as charms for a bracelet but I had only taken chains for necklaces and earring hook wires so her pieces are all on a pendant chain (temporarily)

Shirley’s vibrant pieces

Anne’s work (and Anne was wearing her lovely silver clay ring she made in a class with me a few weeks ago)







I need to match up the rest of the names to the work now but what amazing sets of cloisonné and a huge thank you to my students for such a brilliant day!

If you would like to take an enamelling class then please contact me

3 thoughts on “Cloisonné enamel jewellery

  1. Hi Lynne,
    Thanks very much for yesterday – I really enjoyed the day and felt that I learned lots.
    My daughters are very impressed with the results as well, my eldest and my wife are arguing over possession of my ‘tree’!

    I came away without the course notes, could I be cheeky and ask a couple of follow up questions?

    It was just silver clay and water in the grey sludge? If I were to do something on a copper base should I use the same or try copper clay?
    What size was the wire we used – I know we could use any sizes but I’ve never really understood that gauge scale so when I order online what size should I go for?
    Any advice on cheap beginners kilns? 🙂

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Mark, you are very welcome, it was a good day! The ‘liquid’ we used was Art Clay Overlay Silver paste, diluted to consistency of thin cream. The wire was 0.3mm fine silver round wire.

      I am not sure about trying it with copper clay – the possible problem I think would be the heavy oxidisation when you fire the copper clay. It would be interesting to experiment with it though. I have done a little bit of enamelling on copper clay and it does work, but you would need to test the colours you wanted to use.

      Have a look on the Guild of Enamellers website (and Facebook page) as there are sometimes second hand kilns for sale.

      The kilns we used were Prometheus Pro 1 (sometimes called the Prometheus mini kiln).

      Join the Guild of Enamellers though – then you will have plenty of contacts, access to the Guild library by post, regional meetings and lots of enthusiastic Enamellers!

  2. Hi Lynne,
    Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic day at High Burton. It was lovely to have time to learn about cloisonne enamel on silver and have the time to go home with something to show. It certainly wetted my appetite for more,
    Reagrds ,Marlen

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