More new work

I’ve had a fantastic time over in Denmark working with my partner Tom Lundsten.  We did some more pieces for our Pebble Collection.  These are etched, formed and constructed and enamelled.  Some of them are also engraved by Tom before enamelling, others are textured.  The transparent enamels show this lovely pattern of the engraved or textured surfaces beneath them.

These are some of the latest patterns.  They all began from sketches of lines from stones and pebbles collected on beach walks, mostly in NorthYorkshire although now some from beaches here in Denmark have been added to the collection.

We’ve also made a selection of small stud earrings in a circle design that matches rings Tom has made for a number of years.  He made me a couple of pairs of earrings last year for my birthday and they’ve had many compliments so we decided to add some to the range of work we now produce.

These pieces will will be available from Tom’s next show Kunsthåndværkermarked 27, 28, 29 July 2018


Published by lynneglazzard

A designer and teacher of metal clay, enamelling and jewellery making. I have a Higher Education teaching certificate and an MA in Design and am an experienced adult education tutor. I love designing and making colourful jewellery

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