Teaching and Learning – a love of enamel

I had a wonderful day on Friday teaching Clare a little bit about cloisonné enamelling. She used premade fine silver blanks and working from her little sketches I showed her how to break an image down into sections to form the fine silver wires. I then demonstrated how to lay them into the piece and use clear enamel (flux) to hold them in position before drying and firing them in the kiln.

Clare made a little test piece first (bottom right) to practice wet laying the colours and then worked carefully to build up the layers of enamels in each cell, drying and firing them as she went along throughout the day. Finally she ground the surfaces of the pieces back so that they were completely smooth and level and refined them in the kiln to get the gloss back. She was very happy with what she’d learned and achieved in this one day workshop.

I have some dates free in the next two weeks and in early March if you’d like to try this wonderful and addictive craft. It’s £170 including materials – please just use the contact form if you’d like to book.

There is still a place available on the two day course Etching and Enamelling on silver with Tom Lundsten on the 16th and 17th February 2019, here in my studio in Hunmanby, Filey. It’s £300 for the two days including materials (Examples below). Again please use the contact form if you’re interested.

I look forward to seeing you!

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