A new leaf

I’m excited about this year and full of ideas for new projects. I have always loved trees and leaves so intend to explore this as themes in different aspects of my work. Tom and I both did some bowls in the autumn of 2019 using tree and leaf patterns as inspiration and I want to take this further and across more of the types of work I produce.

I love to see the signs of growth appearing this winter. It’s still too early to be Spring but daffodils are emerging through the fallen leaves of last year, reminding me of the cycle of beauty that surrounds me.


New work, new ideas for 2020

I’ve decided to try a variety of different techniques and ideas throughout the year. One of my intentions is to make a statement necklace each month although I’m already a little behind as it’s February and here’s my first one.

Reticulated silver necklace 2020/1

I began by heating and picking a number of silver discs, numerous times before overheating the surface until I was satisfied with the reactions. I had to repeat the reticulation on some of the pieces to get them to a similar state. I then prepared the reverse of each piece to enable me to solder loops on before constructing a sterling silver chain. I have three extra discs that I’ll use to make a matching ring and earrings.

Work in progress

If you’d like to try this or another jewellery making technique then please contact me. I run classes here in my studio in Hunmanby by arrangement and do have dates available. They can be single or multiple days or half day sessions over a few weeks.