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Cloisonné enamel jewellery

Yesterday I taught an enamelling class at ArtisOn in North Yorkshire. These are the pieces made by my fantastic and talented group, all first time Enamellers!

First they designed their own unique patterns with fine silver wire, attaching them to the silver background piece. Then they wet-laid finely ground vitreous enamels into the cells in thin layers, firing each layer in turn.

Some students used fine brushes and others used plastic tool picks to apply the enamels.

Here are all the pieces made in the day

It was difficult to show all the work together – so here are individual sets of work

Joan made her’s as charms for a bracelet but I had only taken chains for necklaces and earring hook wires so her pieces are all on a pendant chain (temporarily)

Shirley’s vibrant pieces

Anne’s work (and Anne was wearing her lovely silver clay ring she made in a class with me a few weeks ago)







I need to match up the rest of the names to the work now but what amazing sets of cloisonné and a huge thank you to my students for such a brilliant day!

If you would like to take an enamelling class then please contact me

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More cloisonné pendants

Today I have had another fun day teaching Steph a bit about cloisonné enamel on silver. The workshop was a present from her husband so she didn’t really know what to expect although she had done some basic enamelling on copper a few years ago, so knew a little about enamel.

We began by selecting shapes and sketching a little pattern each for the wires before cutting and fixing them into place. We then prepared some enamel colours by grinding and washing them (although, as usual, I had some prepared ready for us to use). Steph decided she liked one of my little bird pendant samples so explained how to break the pattern down to make the fine silver wire shapes in sections.

This is my piece – that is supposed to be a fish in the bird’s beak! It is approximately 18mm in diameter – a bit of a contrast with yesterday’s panels that are 250mm x 250mm.

At the end of the day Steph had made a little bird pendant; a pendant with an abstract pattern and earrings to match it and here she is wearing all her beautiful work.

She had really enjoyed her day – well done to her and to her husband I think!

If you would like to make your own unique piece of enamelled jewellery then please email me or see my class schedule